February 2019

Quick poll while you’re here:

Raise your hand if you made one or more donation last year.


Keep your hand up if you can name every organization you gave to.

Good work!

Keep your hand up if you feel passionate about the causes you supported.

What a change-maker!

Keep your hand up if you itemized all of these as deductions on your tax return.

Wow! Very adult!

You can all put your hands down.

Here’s good news!

No matter how far you made it through that rapid-fire round, you’re in the right place.

To keep up with our growing community, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to connect– connect with you, connect you to nonprofit organizations, and connect you to each other!

Because everyone has a different philanthropic identity– it’s like your giving thumbprint– we can all learn from each other. You teach us so much about what matters to you, so we’re using this platform to amplify the voices and causes that you care about.

From donor profiles and nonprofit news to in-depth interviews and exclusive DonorUP perks, we’re here to help you GO, GIVE, and GROW.

So let’s organize ourselves in ways we never have before. Let’s support causes that matter most to us. Let’s make giving back a habit, not an obligation. Let’s….


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