Follow Your Dollar

If we gave you $10 this month, what would you do with it?

That’ll buy coffee for you and friend…

You could cover a month of Spotify…

Maybe it would buy you lunch (if you skip the cookie)…

But what if you could:

Provide FREE educational arts programming for kids, helmets for a local sports league, cover transportation for a guest speaker in underserved communities?

These are all real responses from organizations on DonorUP. The question was the same as above: “what could you do with $10/month?”

That’s the power of small, recurring donations.

You might be familiar with crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. They have successfully processed billions of dollars in contributions because they make it easy to give. AND they clearly present the story behind a cause or project. What’s more, they highlight the importance of small donations. Your $15 donation, when pooled with hundreds or thousands of other $15 donations, makes a significant impact. Therefore, YOU made a significant impact… right?

It doesn’t always feel that way.

So what’s missing?

A lack of personal connection.

And that one missing ingredient costs nonprofits.

Undeniably, crowdfunding finds tremendous success in one-off campaigns and crisis-driven support. Nonprofits, however, rely on the exact opposite kind of support; they seek sustained, recurring, and passionate giving.

To make a lasting impact, nonprofits and donors must build a lasting relationship.

Enter DonorUP.

We provide the ease of transaction, storytelling, and impact of small donations, but we’re going one step further.

Giving is a lifestyle, and supporting nonprofits has to be a personalized experience, organized around donors.

And as with most millennials (our own team included), we know that the way to reach this goal is by bringing philanthropy into the burgeoning suite of personalized everyday services / apps.

Think Lyft, Seamless, Instagram! Now think DonorUP. A way to go, give, and grow.

GO: By offering recurring support, donors become connected to not only the organization or organizations of their choosing, but also to the community of givers on DonorUP. We host happy hours, workouts, and community discounts to popular brands.

And that doesn’t even include the invites and thank yous you’ll receive from the organizations themselves!

GIVE: The average donor gives to 5 or 6 organizations over the course of a year. (Think about it…a campaign at work here, a Kickstarter there, donations over the holidays…) But that can mean a lot of unsolicited emails and a complicated tax season. DonorUP streamlines this all, so you can manage all your donations in one place and see the complete picture of the impact you’re having on the world.

GROW: What’s more, we know that your priorities, interests, and budget changes throughout the course of a year. So we make it simple for you to adjust both your donations and your profile at any time. Filter your searches to reflect what matters most to you today. We’ll take care of the rest, suggesting nonprofits whose missions will matter to you.

So let’s reconsider how we began:

What can you do with $10 this month?

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