When You Give!

Last week, we partnered up with Row House Columbus Circle for a class as part of our WorkUP a Sweat event series.

The premise is simple…

Get rewarded for giving back!

DonorUP users who give any amount to their favorite organizations were rewarded with 50% off class. And Row House regulars were invited to give on DonorUP for the same deal!

We knew Row House was a natural partner for this kind of class after reading this part of their mission:

“We’ll show you everything you need to know. We teach you proper rowing technique and are committed to your overall health and wellness. Every seat counts, and no matter your age, fitness level or background, Row House pushes you to achieve your fitness goals…”

Sounds a lot like DonorUP, no?

No matter what moves you to give back, every voice and dollar counts, no matter your age, income, experience, or background! We push you to achieve your giving goals!

An enthusiastic group of rowers gathered for this 45-minute, full-body, high-energy rowing experience. What stood out most is that rather than an ultra-competitive experience, Row House builds up the room as a whole–a spirit of inclusion, and the perfect marriage with our spirit of giving and growing together.

We’d like to thank Row House Columbus Circle for having us and look forward to other collaborations in the future!

Interested in hosting or attending a fundraising event with DonorUP? Email [email protected] and follow us on IG @letsdonorup for highlights from recent events and exclusive invitations!

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