Last week’s panel on innovation and action to change prevailing issues around food equity and access.

FEAST founder Sam Polk introduces panelists at Accenture.

We were blown away by the stories of panelists Dana Rizer (FEAST), Gabby Rodriguez (HarlemGrown), Alex Godin (Lemontree), Angela Chiappara (Brooklyn Community Services), and Mohamed Attia (Street Vendor Project). 

What stood out most to us is that whether you’re discussing food affordability, education, advocacy, or accessibility, everyone can connect to a food story.

These panelists shared personal anecdotes regarding the importance of family dinners; talents as burgeoning chefs; living in food deserts; and the rights of street vendors. And we feel confident saying that every guest of the event felt empowered with the tools to take a step towards change.

We’re proud to support this event and encourage you to explore the missions of these amazing organizations. What’s more, every organization from the evening’s panel is listed on DonorUP! If the Fair Food Fight is important to you, consider making a donation through the app.

As always, 100% of your donation will go to the nonprofit, and you’ll be eligible for rewards and events from us!

And a special thanks to Accenture SoHo Innovation Studio and Taylor Durland for moderating such an engaging panel. You can read more about Taylor in his recent Impact Profile!

Let’s DonorUP!
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Thanks to everyone who joined us at Barry’s Bootcamp!

As part of our WorkUP A Sweat event series, we partnered with Barry’s to reward our growing community for giving back again and again.

 (Big shoutout to our trainer Oliver for a killer class!)

This event was made even more special by the participation of our event partners WOLACO and Charley St.

Both offered exclusive discounts for our donors, and we are so psyched to be connected to such socially conscious lifestyle brands.

But… why these events?

Because giving is a lifestyle.

And we’re committed to connecting where you give with what you already do, so we programmed this class to fit into YOUR routine.

Donors who gave $36 (the cost of one Barry’s class) to any organization on the app were rewarded with a community workout. But the feel-good vibe doesn’t end after class. Thanks to WOLACO and Charley St, donors carried that givers glow with them into the work week.

We’re grateful to Barry’s for including us in their community, and as their website boasts…

We’re giving you options…

We do things differently here…

Hustle and heart set us apart…

We feel the same way.  And whether or not you’re ready to #jointhehustle or #WorkUPaSweat, you can always…


Interested in attending or hosting a community event with DonorUP? Email [email protected] and follow us on IG @letsdonorup for highlights and exclusive invitations!

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What’s the relationship between your mindset and your fundraising campaigns?

That’s exactly what we set out to answer this morning at NYN Media’s Nonprofit Fund Con. NYN Media brought together fundraising and development executives from nonprofits across New York for a variety of panels and networking opportunities on creative campaigning and raising money.

We were honored to be included in such impressive company, as DonorUP Founder and CEO Allan Amico moderated the first panel of the day: The Importance of a Fundraising Mindset to all of your organizational communications.  

(from L to R) Allan Amico, Jackie Garcia, Simone Joye-Eford, and Mitch Sternbach.

Allan led a discussion examining the current state of fundraising, how nonprofits can take responsibility for creating and managing engaging campaigns, and what ingredients go into writing successful grant proposals. The underlying theme: your mindset. A fundraising (growth) mindset empowers nonprofit leaders to build more proactive campaigns, strategy, and has a higher rate of “yes!” from potential donors.

We’d like to thank Mitchell Sternbach of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Simone Joye-Eford of the Jericho Project, and Jackelyn Garcia of Hudson Guild for the engaging talk and kicking of #FundCon2019 with aplomb. What this panel (and the sheer number of audience questions) proved is the power and potential within ourselves. What the panel uncovered is the relationship between mindset and the campaign philosophy of effective storytelling. Whether you’re on the organization or donor side, we are all fueled by our emotion. And a common non-negotiable across the board (well, panel?) …


It’s the key to nonprofit/donor relationships and thus donor retention.

But with the simple “thank you” comes a somewhat more complicated issue of the role of social media in that same relationship-building. (Take, for instance, the fact that organizations get no donor information from something like Facebook fundraising…)

Simone, Mitch, and Jackie all agreed on the power of social media and the importance of thoughtful content curation across relevant platforms (think Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), understanding that each platform invites a different audience and thus a wide base of potential donors.

What must be taken into consideration, however, is the notion of content as a form of currency. On one hand, social media is an incredible low/no cost way to give shout-outs and personally thank donors. And as a campaign tool, an organization can maintain relationships while delivering updates and a climate of transparency regarding where donor dollars go.  On the other hand, as an organization, you want to be thoughtful about who is getting a shout-out, when, and why. There’s a delicate balance to be had in making sure social media moments are meaningful.

To effectively connect with potential donors, you must be authentic to your organization’s mission and voice. There is no precise formula to follow. But every organization may use some of the same ingredients to build a campaign that serves their unique audience(s).

In an apt concluding question, Allan asked the panelists to look to the future. Which trends did they expect to see emerge in the next couple of years (and thus how nonprofits can begin to prepare for the success of future campaigns)?

Responses ranged from an emphasis on transparency; staying on top of trends to effectively communicate with the rising Gen Z; and the critical element of personalization of messaging for donors. We’ll take this one step further and ask every organization to consider their own mindset and emotional well-being when it comes to the potential fatigue of ongoing one-time giving campaigns. How can transparency, personalization, and retention best be served? The answer may rest with smaller, recurring donations from a loyal donor base.

We thank NYN Media for including us in a great conference and for providing organizations with the tools they need to meet their goals.

#FundCon2019 #LetsDonorUP

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When You Give!

Last week, we partnered up with Row House Columbus Circle for a class as part of our WorkUP a Sweat event series.

The premise is simple…

Get rewarded for giving back!

DonorUP users who give any amount to their favorite organizations were rewarded with 50% off class. And Row House regulars were invited to give on DonorUP for the same deal!

We knew Row House was a natural partner for this kind of class after reading this part of their mission:

“We’ll show you everything you need to know. We teach you proper rowing technique and are committed to your overall health and wellness. Every seat counts, and no matter your age, fitness level or background, Row House pushes you to achieve your fitness goals…”

Sounds a lot like DonorUP, no?

No matter what moves you to give back, every voice and dollar counts, no matter your age, income, experience, or background! We push you to achieve your giving goals!

An enthusiastic group of rowers gathered for this 45-minute, full-body, high-energy rowing experience. What stood out most is that rather than an ultra-competitive experience, Row House builds up the room as a whole–a spirit of inclusion, and the perfect marriage with our spirit of giving and growing together.

We’d like to thank Row House Columbus Circle for having us and look forward to other collaborations in the future!

Interested in hosting or attending a fundraising event with DonorUP? Email [email protected] and follow us on IG @letsdonorup for highlights from recent events and exclusive invitations!

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