Running a non-profit is no easy feat. Between fundraising efforts, managing your team, and keeping your current donors engaged – we know you are a wearer of many hats. That’s why we’ve built our technology to get you more donations, cost-free – so you can get back to fulfilling your mission.

When you list your non-profit on DonorUP, you get access to thousands of new donors in the app and easy marketing to get people who come across your non-profit donating too. Here are 4 easy ways to capture this traffic and get more donations. 

Add donations to your website

What we’ve come to find is – there is no shortage of people who want to give. The problem is, many people don’t know how or where to start. Give potential donors who visit your website an easy way to donate by letting them know they can find you on DonorUP.

Share on social media

Chances are that your donors’ main source for news is social media. This means when they’re reading about current events, marginalized groups or natural disasters – they’re likely scrolling on Instagram or Facebook. Post DonorUP digital assets or request a graphic on social media to let people know where to find you and how to donate. 

Promote in your space

If your organization has a physical location, you likely get a lot of foot traffic from events, volunteer days – even lunch meetings. It’s also likely that many of these people who visit your space don’t donate to your cause. A clear call to action can solve this. Hang signage that encourages recurring giving. Or give a “thanks for visiting” card that educates guests on how to continue their support.

Host an event with us 

There’s no better way to connect with potential donors than meeting them in-person. Host an event with DonorUP to meet new donors and share your story. Connect them with your mission and your team during engaging panels, happy hours and leisure events. 

Have any questions or want to host an event with us? Give us a call at 631.681.9746 or email [email protected] and a non-profit specialist will be happy to help you. 

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